cherryflash (cherryflash) wrote in anime_karaoke,

Questions and such!

Hi there~  I have a few questions for all of you experienced karaokers.  Ahahaha, don't mind me though, I'll keep out of the way while demanding people answer me helpfully whoohoo.

For those who use computer recording programs:  What program do you use?  Is there a way of obtaining it for free, and is it hard to understand? D:

I myself use My Mp3 player, which is basically like.  Windows Sound Recorder.  Only with a cooler looking window and buttons.  SO IT'S TERRIBLE.  D: 

Do you use a program that lets you record the voice separately, and manually stack it with the karaoke?  With things like voice editing, sound editing, effects, etc?  I totally just sing the background voices over the karaoke track and save it and sing over it again which is NOT TOO SPECTACULAR ;_;

So if anyone has any answers or insight, or really just any tips for karaoke-ing in  general for a novice, please, comment here~ <3
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