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Mai-Hime cover

hey guys. I sang this insert song from Mai-Hime and it's my favorite song on the OST. I was really happy to find an instrumental. I actually have no idea what the language is, but I tried my best. I hope you enjoy this. And please take the time to comment.
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Oh my goodness, your technique and your voice is practically flawless for this song. It sounds wonderful!

I think you can tone down the reverb just a li'l bit to blend it well in the instrumental track. But I do like the effect actually, just that it's a bit distracting when I first listened to it. This sounds heavenly. I've never heard of the original version but I would've thought this is it :D Good job!
Yeah, I was having trouble adjusting the effects. I edited it 3 times before I chose this one. >.<; But thanks. I'm still learning about mixing. I'm still not very good at it! Thank you for the advice!
^-^ Thank you for your humble comments! I'm very happy you liked it! <3 Thank you so much.
This is also probably my favorite Mai-HiME track.
I'm crazy about Yuki Kajiura's music. <3
Thank you for this beautiful track.
Your voice sounds so clear and pure in this. <3333 Thank you.
It's mine too! <3 It's so pretty and Yuki Kajiura is a genius. I really love her music too.
Thank you for leaving me a comment! <3 I'm so grateful!