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Sing Like No One's Listening...

Anime Karaoke! Utaimasyou!
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Welcome to Anime Karaoke! This is a community for everyone who enjoys singing songs from anime, or Jpop, Jrock...or J-Anything really. Here you can trade/request karaoke files, post your own recordings, get some pointers from your peers, and maybe even give a few to others bold enough to let us hear what they've got. We also encourage lyricists to post song translations--singable ones get extra points!

We only have a few rules, so please abide by them.

1. No Spam/Off-topic posts please. You don't have to singif you don't want to, but if you're going to make a post in the community, at least make it relevant.

2. If you are going to let us hear you sing, your song must be related somehow to anime, or the Japanese culture. Songs may be in English if the Japanese artist wrote it that way (i.e. Sakamoto Maaya's 'Gravity'), if there is an official English version of the song (i.e. FFX-2's 'Real Emotion'), or if you are singing a translation of a song that was originally in Japanese. Please try to have a karaoke track, as well. It is hard to get an idea of your voice when you are singing over the original artist. If you lack a karaoke track for a song you want to sing--ask us! I myself have a karaoke library of over 300 songs, so with luck, we'll have what you're after! If you must sing over the original artist, please endeavor to have a vocal dampener on the track. When submitting a personally recorded MP3 for us to hear, please title the MP3 as "username - songtitle" so we know who we are listening to.

3. BE NICE! We all endeavor to be friends here, so you, too! If someone posts a recording they have made and you don't like it, feel free to say so, but do it constructively. Tell them how to improve. Don't just say they suck. Flames will not be tolerated under any circumstances. You will be warned once. If you flame again, you will be banned. End of story. Concrit is encouraged...nastiness will be punished.

4. For safety's sake, all official MP3 uploads (i.e. ripped karaoke tracks) must be friends-locked and include the obligatory disclaimers of deleting within 24 hours and yadda yadda yadda. Even though we know we're keeping them.

Other than that, have fun! This community is designed to be a place for you to sing your heart out with friends, so please make yourselves comfortable. ^_^ If you have any questions/concerns, please contact your friendly moderators, kawree or hopelikefever.

Up-to-date submissions can be found here! Check us out! :D
all submissions are currently being re-archived to [hopefully] permanent links... please check back soon for updates on the move. thanks!