But I crumble completely when you cry (eiki) wrote in anime_karaoke,
But I crumble completely when you cry

Ai Shione (KOTOKO) - I-DOLL ~song for eternity~ by me xD

This comm looks a bit dead, so let's spice it up a bit xD I... finally got a recording right.

But the problem now was that the karaoke track itself is corrupted or something |||OTL The starting of the song skips a bit and thus the starting was a bit... rushed and slowed at the same time; so forgive me for that ^^; It's not my fault, but I'll try to rerecord it some time later. Like maybe a few months later xD

If anyone has a proper karaoke track of this song (where the starting doesn't skip) I'd very much appreciate the file! :)

Anywho! Listen to/Download the song :D

Any comments are welcomed ^^;

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